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Experience a wide range of services designed to help you achieve your wellness and fitness goals. From weight loss to strength and conditioning, we've got you covered. Learn more, do more, be more with OTC peak performance.

Our Services

  • Weight Training (youth & adults)

  • Cardiovascular Development

  • Nutrition

  • Weight management

  • Healthy Meal Planning (vegan & vegetarian options)

  • Individual & Group Fitness Training

  • Individual & Group Speed & Agility Training (ideal for competitive athletes)

  • Fasting & Wellness

Customer Reviews

Renee- Before I started with Off The Chartz, I was type II diabetic and taking 2 insulin shots a day. Errol put me on a clean diet and a workout routine. After 2 months, I lost 15 pounds and no longer needed insulin shots! It's a great program and I strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to look good and feel their best.

About Us

At Off The Chartz, we believe in holistic, wellness and fitness. Our dedicated team is passionate about helping you create a healthier lifestyle through consistency and motivation. We specialize in healthy vegan and vegetarian meal planning that promotes a healthy digestive gut. The importance of strength and conditioning training, walking and jogging. Lastly, we encourage fasting for mental cognitive clarity and cellular repair. This process called autophagy which cleans out bad cells and regenerates ones body from the inside out.

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